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June 23, 2006



Hey, Brian! Thanks for pointing out that students use these tools for academic tasks as well as social ones. Sometimes I think librarians underestimate our students and assume they just want to have fun all the time, but most of them really do care about their work, and I definitely see potential for library involvement in these environments. We also have a lot of these study groups in FB, and I wonder why we don't ask these students for their perspectives on library issues more often since they're here so much AND we know how to contact them. Also, I think that the "where the fun comes to die" sentiment comes less from the library than from their assignments, but the two are defintely linked in students' minds, which is why I really love your idea about surprising them with gifts to shake up their old assumptions. You are right on (as usual)! I really hope your proactive ideas catch on because we really need to start shaping patrons' perceptions instead of letting the bad ones live on.

Steve Lawson

I love that tagline! Let's get it translated into Latin and carved in stone to put over the door to our libraries!

I also love the photo of the carrel that they chose. It's like, how much more gray could this be? And the answer is none.

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