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January 26, 2007




It looks like the type of building students will want to spend time in, but it could also be a place for librarians to spend time in as well. With that many unique social and study areas it sounds like some type of roving reference could be beneficial. Granted outside the library, we lose something, but any positive interaction with a librarian is a good start.

I'll be interested to see if you see a decrease in traffic or other related stat declines.

Good luck and as always thanks for posting.



Hi Brian,

I'm sure you thought of this already but why not bring the library (or at least a librarian) to them? When our business school built a lovely new building full of tech innovations, our business librarian started having 'office hours' over there once a week in the coffee shop. He'd bring over his laptop and a variety of materials and students would stop by to chat or even, every once in a while, ask him a reference question. He admits he didn't get a lot of questions but he did build a lot of goodwill for the library and at least placed the notion in people's minds that there *was* a library on campus even if they didn't spend much time there.

Thanks for posting!



The Librarian on Location idea has been around for a while. I don’t know though. I just think randomly setting up a table or offering a few office hours each week in another building is not enough. I think UM’s Field Librarian program or Stanford’s vision for their engineering complex is more on target. I want to be integrated into the building, not just the equivalent of a pop-up or banner ad. Just because we’re around and have a bright sign, doesn’t really express our value. That’s the key for me: how can I be relevant, not just visible.

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