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July 02, 2007



Cool. I just checked out the UR Class of 2011 group. There were questions about some of the pictures posted, including library pictures. I answered and someone else in the group has already commented! I'm definitely keeping my eye on this group.

Karin Dalziel

This is a great example of service. Students will remember this, and they will visit the library, I bet.

And by the way - FREE PRINTING??? God, I would have loved that as an undergrad...


Good thoughts. We're not on there to be friends with our students, but if there are questions we can answer, it's part of our jobs as college administrators and staff members to be there to answer them!

Aaron the Librarian

How many Facebook groups does your incoming class have?

We currently have 5 disparate groups with only minor membership overlap.


I did take a look and it seems there are at least 5 2011 class groups at temple. Most of what i see looks like adolescent chatter - folks getting to know each other - no one really looking for information. Interesting to note that i saw someone giving lots of advice - another student - but then when you get to the end you see its someone from a fraternity - who then says "when you get here check out our fraternity" so it comes off as a not so subtle come on for the fraternity. Definitely not in the spirit of what you are suggesting. I'll keep monitoring in the case I see a chance to give some advice with no strings attached. Thanks for the ideas.

K.G. Schneider

I read Brian's point to be that the Facebook entry makes the library visible and appealing to the users. If this is the case, whether the users are engaging in "adolescent chatter" (as opposed to what, middle-aged chatter?) is irrelevant. Sounds like a modest investment to help get the library's "golden arches" (or big ears? :>) on the radar scope of their students.

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