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August 20, 2007


walt crawford

So, you gonna put that in the Library Success Wiki? (No, I'm not really kidding: It sounds like a success to me, in its own way.)


People in your library do read your blog; some even subscribe to it.


Congrats on what sounds like a very successful evening. I do have a story / suggestion to relate about the "uniform" issue (though it's set at a public library).

At my former place of work, Summer Reading Club was a big deal and we would often have new kids and visitors at the programs. We quickly realized that even though we didn't usually wear uniforms - we needed to do so during Summer Reading Club. The programs were too full, often outside or in "modified" places and the kids needed to have a visual cue of who was "safe" to turn to if their parents weren't visible.

Nevertheless, we didn't want them to suck. ;) The library decided that we only needed to wear uniform shirts - pant or skirts were up to us. Children's staff designed a logo for the event and selected colours. Staff were allowed to choose from three styles of shirt: short-sleeve polo, short-sleeve t-shirt (which was really long) and long-sleeve t-shirt. One shirt was paid for by the library, but staff could buy more at a reduced cost if they wished.

Staff running the Summer Reading Program were expected to wear the shirts at designated programs only - but many staff bought enough shirts to wear very regularly (whether they worked in the Children's Department or not). This is now a Summer Reading Program tradition and the yearly event shirts are still worn (I still wear mine at my current job). You and your staff might find this a fun part of this event.


Like I said, not all ninjas wear black. Good ninjas wear white. I had a brown shirt on, so that made me an amoral ninja. (The jeans made me an amoral ninja that's too cool for an official ninja outfit.)

Also, the people who were on "my teams" won most of the rounds. Take that BT. ;-)

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