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September 24, 2007


Blake Walter

This is very interesting. Our seminary is about ready for a 10-year accreditation visit in November, and library assessment has been very much on my mind. At a cost of $2,250, LibQUAL+ may not be used very much by smaller libraries like mine, but this kind of assessment comparison looks like it could be very useful, especially over time. Thank you for sharing your work!


Very cool--thanks for sharing this. I agree that LQ+ is not a perfect tool, and while I think the qualitative comments are gold (or would be if we could follow up with the people making the comments), I like what you're doing with the numbers. I brought copies of your post to our Assessment Committee's last meeting, as we are in the process of wrassling with our LibQual+ results from this year. They were quite intrigued by your satisfaction tool. I also mentioned Clemson's most satisfying website rating to our Web Coordinating Committee...we'll be scoping them out for sure.

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