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January 03, 2008



If I had to vote for who I thought would be our profession's first transformative personality it would definitely be Mr. Ubiquitous. I wrote somewhere recently (a comment somewhere) that we need to create libraries that people WANT to go to - not HAVE to go to. If you can make that happen and people associate you with the library they want to go to, I think that would be tranformative. Then again, if you come up with a great viral video that could do it as well. I'll just finish with two thoughts. First, as I said in the post, I've seen some past "quick up and comers" get their 15 minutes only to fade from the spotlight. Second, even if you are a celebrity librarian, well, you're only famous among librarians. Personally, I'd like to see you build up a lot of good accomplishments over a long career - those are the types that have a better chance to make it into the hall of fame. Well, if the post helped you to figure out where you want to be professionally - that's a good thing.


Steven-- you're a positive mentor. Thanks for the help and insight.


what does "Sartre’s nightmare of fashion" actually mean?

Brian Mathews

Thanks for the comment "Ohio"-- basically that's my play on the 'existence precedes essence' idea.

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