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January 15, 2008



Sigh. I applied for the latter. So much for keeping the job's existence on the down-low. If you are the competition, bring it. (Or nicely back off, my husband applied there, too, for his dream job... I love the dual career search!)

Final note: It's the middle of nowhere. Why would you want to move to Oxford, Ohio? However, if you are in town for an interview, be sure to stop at the UDF for a strawberry milkshake- they are divine!


C'mon. These folks have been reading Designing Better Libraries. That's where they're getting these great ideas about UX. But the Miami of Ohio job. I don't know. Do they think that web 2.0 tools equate to better user experiences? Do they get it? Anyway this reminded me to mention this story. Over the break I went to the big aquarium in Camden, NJ. They've got hippos you can see really up close and personal. So I take a wrong turn and wind up in front of a door with the name plate "Director of User Experience." Even the aquariums are discovering this, but then again maybe they read Ubiquitous.


@stevenb "Director of User Experience"? No *way*. I am so pitching that title.

Brian Mathews

@ Anonymous
I’m too much of a Michigan guy to work in Ohio. Besides I have the best job in the profession right now. Where else can you build a library blimp, develop a Manga series, co-facilitate a Chinese student focus group, and teach two classes on Nuclear Engineering resources? And that’s just this week. Good luck with your candidacy though.


B: What's this about being "too much of a Michigan guy to work in Ohio"?! I'll convert you yet...

Brian Mathews

The Wolverines are going to crush Ohio State next year, but it really doesn’t matter because the Big 10 as proven its inferiority to the SEC!

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