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February 01, 2008


Taran Rampersad (Nobody Fugazi)

I don't see a future for the hotel industry. Simple camera panning destroys the illusion of privacy, for example - and why on earth would someone rent a room in a virtual hotel? Is their avatar tired? Its a novelty. I should start selling pet rocks.

Weather Channel: Useful, but very limited by the interface between Second Life and the internet. Mono's implementation into the backend *may* help with that, but I'm not holding my breath. I think OpenSim could learn by these limitations.

Turner: Anyone who says 'rethink Spam' should probably be orbited. And what they are doing is only trying to capitalize on what people already do on their own. They are things called 'weblogs'.

Kaneva: I'm not a big fan of television, so I will say that they may be onto something - but what they are on to doesn't seem very productive.

Coca Cola: Their experience shows. But will my avatar wander around drinking Coke? No... I drink Coke, but not because of advertising. I prefer water, though, it has become more exotic these days. :-)

The library has a role. I did do something that might be of interest, and I did toss it at a few people at different levels on Info Island. A rather simple concept easily built upon. They're both free. If you don't have a slexchange account, let me know and I'll send them to you manually.


Ilene Frank

About librarians helping out instructors in Real Life when it comes to Second Life... Two of us librarians were invited to talk about Second Life to Engineering graduate students taking a 3D imaging class. We did two sessions: One session provided an intro to Second Life and then second session was hands-on. At least two students will be doing their major class project in Second Life. Did we talk about the library at all? Nope! However the students and their professor know we're librarians. I think that they'll consider contacting us in-world or in Real Life if they have an information need. Also... for us librarians it's just plain fun to get out of the Library and do something different!

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