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April 30, 2008



I'm not sure that you should use "thank you" notes as a pass/fail mark. An indicator may be a student choosing to attend your institution; a direct indicator would be a student choosing to use your institution and using the library in the first semester.

Some people just don't have manners :)

Paul R Pival

I agree with Emily; will you look 'em up in the Fall? And of course you wouldn't know w/o asking whether you made the difference, but still, good effort, and good to post, even if you don't think it was a success. :-)


Bravo for trying! I've tried a lot of new things this semester with my students that don't appear to have worked. You do have a way to measure this; see if they've enrolled in the fall. It may not be all due to you, but you might have tipped the balance...


I think it was an excellent idea that you should continue in the future, but you shouldn't expect a response. I have to give tours to new faculty candidates frequently, and while they are generally pleased with everything we have to offer, they have very few questions.


Dude, don't you know kids don't read email? At my old school, we couldn't reach anyone that way, and I include the profs I worked with. Now if you had their numbers and had texted them you might've received some kind of response.

Ilene Frank

I agree that "no reply" doesn't mean failure. I'd guess that the students would take your message as one more piece of information that couldn't hurt. ;)

Micaela Ayers

I joined a campus advising office recruitment effort to call undecided students this spring. It was cool! I got to talk to quite a few in the hour or so I placed calls off the advisor forms, or talked to parents or family members. All were appreciative, even if some students had to tell me they'd recently decided on something else.

It didn't feel like "cold-calling" since I knew they were interested in Butler. And I loved the fact I was talking to real students considering where to go. I was able to refer to the library as a helpful place. I even suggested a couple consider us for part-time campus jobs.

Nice to receive a note of thanks from the Academic VP later, too, acknowledging the 'above and beyond.'

So... I can draw the conclusion that calling is better than email, too, even if it's not texting.

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