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November 07, 2008


M. Ball

Although it is still VERY MUCH under construction, we based our new library design off of a lot of the ideas we saw on the Duke site (it's the one our students & faculty told us they liked the best).
We hope to go live at the beginning of next semester.

OLD: http://library.fiu.edu/

NEW: http://weblibdev.fiu.edu/

Tom Cole

Thanks for the links and screen shots. The academic library pages are full without being cluttered. The French site is in a class by itself.

I work in a public library (www.plcmc.org). We have to win people over who can choose to go to our website or not. Our strategy has been to fit as many links as we can onto the home page.

BTW, if you would like to see the old version of a web page, go to www.archive.org and look it up on the "Wayback Machine"

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