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December 08, 2008


Laura Baker

I was very interested in this post because our library is struggling with similar issues. I am particularly curious about the electrical power issue. How do you provide power to users so they can work where they want instead of where there is an outlet? Short of a raised floor, how do you avoid having power cords running across the floor?


Interesting. We used to check out the mouse/power cord together. Our user feedback caused us to separate them. Many folks only wanted one or the other and those that want both aren't bothered by having two check-outs. A lot easier for us to manage on the check-in side too...


@ Lisa, Thanks, maybe we'll try your way first.

@Laura, I like cords everywhere-- very industrial. In one section we have cords that drop from above that serve as hubs for laptop users.

Katie Clark

We actually check out extension cords as a quick and dirty solution to needing more outlets... And our laptop locks are wildly popular. Some of the items on the list I had never thought of - very nice!

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