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March 04, 2009



Congratulations on the new job. Best of luck

eric f

Congrats! You'll be working with Brenda Johnson, whom I remember fondly from UM!

Paul R. Pival

Awesome! Congrats Brian. Seems like GT is losing all its big-time names of late... Only downside is you won't be able to complain about "snowstorms" there ;-)


Congratulations Brian! UCSB is fortunate to have you join them.


hey, nice. i look forward to reading about your new position!


Congratulations! I'm envious--would love to be near the beach. Look forward to hearing more about the new position.


many congrats Brian. Its a lovely area to work


Congrats. I will likely be moving to LA later this year. See ya in SoCal.


Sounds like you better get used to wearing suits and ties my friend. If you need fashion tips for the successful library administrator you know who you can ask. Congrats on the new job.


Congratulations! I agree totally about PAC 10. I moved to Washington from U. of Tennessee. Man, their football is atrociously bad, and that's even compared to the weakest UT teams in years.


Good for you! Congratulations!


Congratulations, Brian! That is great news. It sounds like a great position at a great place!


I was just catching up on your blog (apparently I've been away from it since October...) and saw that you're moving to Cali. I'm sure Georgia will miss you but you can't beat the ocean.


Ok I'm late on this (again!)... buuuut seriously, Pac 10, Big 10... sports, totally over rated (but don't tell Chizu I said anything bad about college sports.) Back to when you get here though - I have a 46 pg wish list - but to prioritize, can we get a camera? We're using either personal ones when we can or a 1996 3 mp Sony with 25 mb (I think) memory stick.

Brian Mathews

@Angela. I look forward to your 46 page list of ideas. When writing proposals there are 3 things I look for:

1.) Who is the target audience?
2.) What are the goals & objectives of the project?
3.) How can we measure the impact?

Brenda told me that there was a modest outreach budget, so I hope to start by upgrading equipment and conducting marketing research.

Please price out a low, mid, and high priced camera, as well as video cameras as well.


I hope you're enjoying the new Job! I just discovered your podcast on Library Scenester. I'll listen shortly!!

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