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November 08, 2009



I'm still waiting for the cms people and the library database people to talk to each other so they can figure out how to make it super easy for faculty to get persistent links from articles into the course site. If you can export from a database to refworks, why can't you export the durable link into the cms. Most faculty still don't get this so most don't take advantage of the durable links to make it easy for students to connect to library content.

Glad to see the OCLC guy talked to you - sounds good. I suggested he talk to my Head of Ref and she was quoted in the same article.

Kate Peterson

Great list! We recently completed an analysis of course integration at the University of Minnesota (http://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/50801). We came up with very similar recommendations. We are working on slowly moving forward with our own "ubiquitous" Library Course Page.

Heidi Senior

Oh no, do you have problem #4 ("permissions/access level for librarians so that they can view course material, and perhaps post to message boards, wikis, etc—but not have access to grades and other sensitive information") too? That doesn't bode well for my IT people, who thought it would be possible to create such a role. It irks me that my CMS allows for a non-editing grader but can't have a non-grading editor. Faculty would love for us to be able to set up pages, but they're afraid we'll edit the grade book. I have had a couple of collaborations with faculty who trust me, but I'm sure I'd have many more if I could have that role.



As the systems admin for the library and the CMS I love your wish list. I also know there are lots of other library folks out there with similar wish lists. One person I can think of is Owen Stephens Open University in the UK (http://www.meanboyfriend.com/overdue_ideas/).

He's working on a project called Telstar (http://www.open.ac.uk/telstar/) which may speak to #8 on your list. Check it out.

Also as a Moodle Admin at a small institution, I would love it if your institution would develop blocks so that other institutions can re-use them.

Thanks for posting this Brian!

Ilene Frank

Is anyone getting any push-back to our wish that librarians have access to every course - whether the faculty want them there or not? I think there might be a line between us being seen as being helpers vs being seen busy bodies... I can imagine some faculty resenting a policy of wholesale access to their courses without their permission (even though we KNOW we're only there to help.) Brian, consider doing some politicking and talking to your faculty senate, provost, etc. (About student access to previous courses: I know one institution that allows for access up to six months after the close of the course - very helpful for taking care of the inevitable Incompletes!)


I really like #13, an aggregate of news & info would be a great addition to any college campus.

Kiyomi Deards

Hi Brain,

As a student, I'd like to chime in and say integrated ILL requests, in addition to direct catalog access, would be a big help. People often mention texts that might be interesting and an ILL link in the sidebar/menubar of an integrated library search would be very welcome when searching for an item and discovering it's not in the library's holdings.

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