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March 30, 2010



Own much Steelcase stock? :-)


I'm FAIRLY sure I have an idea what this chair might be. Steelcase did a study in my library on furniture use (this is what happens when one of your campuses is named after the family who founded the company).

But to the doubters - seriously, they have some pretty awesome new furniture coming out.


I don't own any SCS. Not bad at $6.55. I'd wager that in 3 years they can climb back to $18 where they were in 2007. One stock I do own though is Ford (F)-- I grabbed a chunk when it dropped under $2 and now it is around $13. I'm going to ride that all the way up to $30. For the record though I only drive Honda.

@Eliz.GVSU perhaps? The chair is cool. Not just for libraries but learning in general.


I don't knonw what it is but it looks like it has a tablet arm?....


I've seen a lot of bad tablet arms but the approach with this chair actually works well, from my 10 minute demo.

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