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April 08, 2010


Todd Vandenbark

Thank you for sharing your inspiration on this topic. I am new to my library (as of 7/09) and have struggled to communicate many of the points you so eloquently make. I am going to read the "Letting Go..." book for more help.
Good luck with Drupal; it seems to have a STEEP learning curve.


Hey Todd. Good luck being the new guy. In terms of Drupal-- we are working with a great firm: PING V http://pingv.com/ They are helping us with theming and design. But yeah, it's taxing on our programmers but they've embraced it and have the Drupal icon guy has become their mascot. I see him posted around various systems locations. http://www.goodwebpractices.com/images/drupal-logo.jpg

That said, the back-end of it is indeed complex, but the front-end will be way easier for our content managers. So it's a big invest upfront but hopefully it pays off in the long run. More than anything it has been invaluable to take the time and talk about / rework every piece of content. It's a huge labor and the team is incredibly stretched, but the web presence needs the time and attention.

Thanks for your interest. I think this is more of the type of thing we need to talk/hear about. CiL and Internet Librarian should both have a whole track on motivation and get beyond all the bells & whistles that dominate the presentations.


Good post Brian. I hope you are the 1962 Beatles because the the 1968 Beatles was a band full of paranoia, mistrust, jealousy, and a whole lotta bad mojo. Still, they were creative geniuses.


When I first brought it up I was trying to liken the group to an orchestra, but that sorta bombed, so I pulled out the Beatles and they mulled it over and then someone said, "well, as long as it's not the White Album" So yeah, I'm going with Sgt Pepper because thematically that was supposed to be when they stepped outside of themselves and got very experimental; took on new personas. So it fits with my goal. One day this summer I'm going try and borrow Beatles: Rock Band and have a bonding experience before we tackle some tough parts of the project.

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