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June 16, 2010


Dottie Hunt

Here are some pictures from NeoCon 2010.

Michael Golrick

The designs look great. I have concerns about two issues: people who have different abilities and mobility issues; people who are short; and people who are oversized. The latter is of particular concern with this design in that it is a molded seat with arms built in. I know folks who are large tend to avoid chairs with arms -- and I have worked with several in different settings. The concern about those with different abilities is will the chair slide as they try to maneuver into the chair? For those who are short, there is no height adjustment, so their feet will dangle, and they will not be able to maneuver the chair without getting up (and they have some of the same issues about the chair moving as those with different abilities).

Have the designers considered these issues? What is their answer? (The Americans with Disabilities Act is twenty [20] years old this year.)

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