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July 21, 2010


Stephen Francoeur

That's great news on both fronts! There's a large contingent of librarians as parents on FriendFeed if you're looking for that kind of advice/support.


double congrats!


Congratulations to you and your wife, Brian! I'm sure you'll be very attentive and loving parents. Good luck with the book as well.

I'll be flying out to Lincoln, NE to start a science librarian position with UNL on the 29th.


Wonderful news! Congrats. Don't fall into the trap of critiquing others' parenting style. You'll be on the other end of that one eventually and it sucks.


"Oh yeah, my wife is pregnant"??? WHOA! Congratulations to you and Leslie! Parenthood's a trip. That kid is going to be one sharp little tack. Oh yeah, congrats on the book, too.


Sounds like a great book - I plan on reading it - at least one copy will fly off the shelf!

And... congrats!


Congratulations! I wish you and Leslie the best with the pregnancy and resulting genius baby. :) And good luck with the book! If I were you, I'd try to get as much of the book done as you can pre-baby. I seriously underestimated what a time commitment a baby is. First, it's because they're so needy. Later, it's because they're so cute and fun to be with.

Ditto on what Rebecca said. You think that you'll never be the parent with the toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of a restaurant (because you have that discipline thing all figured out)... until you are. I've been where you are and now I'm the parent who people are looking at and saying "why doesn't she just..." What a wild and wonderful trip! So worth it! :)

Jen Waller

So awesome on all fronts! Congratulations!

I "owe" you an update on one of the projects I'm working on. I wish your book would come out tomorrow, for it would undoubtedly be a great resource for my current work. I'm guessing it will help me with future work too though! Again, congrats!

Paul R. Pival

Congratulations to both of you!


Loved your first book, so I anticipate the 2nd will be as well-written and chock full of information and insight. As for babies, mine is 3 and the child of an author and a librarian and it's such a thrill to hear him tell us who wrote every book he has on his shelf! Of course, he also loves to rip books up, so beware your beloved possessions.


Wonderful on all counts! Thank you!


"Thank you?" I meant to type "kudos" (watching TV while I read blog comments..!!)

Lisa Hinchliffe

So happy for you two!

Stephanie Willen Brown

Congratulations to you both!


I am very happy for you. A book and a baby. Busy times ahead!
We are so lucky to have you on this campus.


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