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May 10, 2011


Dances With Books

How were you able to pay a stipend to get the student to write the document? And again, how would you be paying that Circ. student to manage your streams? I am honestly curious because if I suggested that here, one, it would likely not fly (significant lack of funds. In fact, we are hiring less students) and two, it would probably be difficult to justify. Then again, like you, our social media efforts are seen as fairly low priority (director likes it when they make the library admin. look good, but often fails to realize they can take time, effort to find and create good content, etc.). I am currently the one who runs the SoMe here (I was hired with that goal in mind, but again, not terribly supportive when it comes down to it). Thus I am curious if you would expand a bit more on how you did things.

Wish I did not have to use my pseudonym, but I know even making this comment (since I am questioning my higher ups) could actually get me in trouble. Thanks for all the good work you do. I do enjoy and get a lot out of your posts.


Hey Dances. I'm part of senior mgt so that helps in terms of finding funding. The money all comes out of my student assistant budget. Maybe you should put together a proposal for your admin laying out what you need? Give them an estimate and point out the benefits. Try it for a year? Imagine 40 weeks, 4 hours a week at $9 an hour, ballpark $1500. That's pretty small-- call it an experiment or pilot project. Build it into the larger branding effort.

My approach of combining the SoMe work with a student's Circ job gives her a lot of hours and allows me to only pay a few hours per week. Plus she has worked her many years so knows the library spaces and policies very well.

I've used this before in other means-- for example, two years ago I hired a student assistant to take hundreds stock photos for the library. We had done.... so we gave him lots of scenarios and locations and let him run wild. I'm also hiring a film student in the fall to develop short videos. You have to be creative with how you use your students-- I try and outsource as much of this stuff as possible.


Brian, this is fantastic. Kelsey is a great find, and thanks so much for asking her to write this and then sharing it. So many of us are venturing into Facebook but there aren't many resources with concrete suggestions like this. Thanks so much to Kelsey, and to you for sharing this.


This is just wonderful. I read Kelsey's document 10 minutes ago and already I'm putting some of her thoughts into practice. Thanks so much for sharing that, and pass along our compliments! She should definitely keep that piece of analysis for her resume!

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